Thursday, January 31, 2013

Video Email Marketing

As with all forms of advertising, they evolve and change. What was once very effective and popular just doesn't seem to work as well as new and more effective methods come along. With the world of the internet this happens at a very quick pace. It's not at all uncommon for 'the king of the hill' to be outdated and ineffective in just a few short years.   Video email marketing is just beginning to really take off  right now. It's on a huge upswing and gaining in popularity all the time.

The concept is simple, instead of sending text based messages to the subscribers on your email list, you will record a short video presentation that will offer them helpful tips on something in your niche market. When your subscriber opens the email they can click on a link and watch the video. Many people learn better when they can see a certain task actually being performed, rather than just reading about it, which explains the growing popularity of this form of advertising.

Today when so many people get a ton of advertising emails it can be really refreshing to receive something that they can just sit back and watch, something that doesn't seem like such a chore to have to get through. And if your video will show them something that will make their life easier, the effect is even more astonishing.

So, let's say you're promoting dog training supplies. You could make up a series of short videos showing specific techniques for training a dog. Give your viewers only basic information (your objective is to get them to buy your product so you don't want to give too much away, just enough to be helpful and to get them curious and interested in learning more).  Then send the video emails out to your list.

There are several ways you can do a video. You can just do a screen capture video where they can see what you are doing on your computer screen. It's like they are standing right beside you watching what you are doing. You can also get a video camera and record yourself performing the task you are explaining (obviously this method will work better with our dog training example above).

To increase the effectiveness of video marketing,  you can also submit  videos to video directories. If you do, make sure that you use keywords in your video title, description and tags. That will help drive additional traffic to your website.  Also, don't send the exact same videos to the directories as you are sending to your list. If you do and someone sees your online video, opts in to your list and just gets the same videos over again, they're going to be disappointed and possibly even mad.

Video email marketing is becoming more and more commonplace. That's happening because it's very effective and easy to do. With all the advances in technologies and all the inexpensive or free video recording software and tools, anyone can quickly and easily come up with content rich videos for their subscribers. Give them something of value and they'll like you, trust you, and buy from you.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Email Marketing Templates

Do you know why your customers open and read your email? It is because the lay out an email that looks beautiful and clean - this is no doubt. If you noticed that almost all autoresponder services company that also uses email marketing templates because they know the importance of email template based on their record and their service users.

The advantages of using email marketing template is your email looks neat and organized, you can highlight the title and other important information to get the readers attention, you can hide your affiliate links and keep them safe, you can enhance your credibility and be able to attract your subscribers to open and read your email.

If you can create your own email template it will be good. If you are looking email template you can get plenty email template on the internet. A format that can support lots of content in all different sizes and shapes. You can choose the right template for you. Using free email templates that you can get on the internet is good to start your email marketing campaign.

There are some websites that provide email template with a number of benefits to customers such as:

You can easily design custom emails that match your branding and goals. While creating your campaign they will automatically run your email campaign through popular spam filters alerting you of any changes you should make before sending to ensure top delivery. They will even tell you what is wrong with your email design if there are issues so you can quickly fix it. And much more. There are many benefits you get by using the email marketing templates.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Email Marketing Tips

This article would discuss the most successful email marketing tips to follow.

1) What should be the Subject Line of the email?

The success of your email marketing campaign highly depends upon the "Open rate" for your emails. Open rate is the percentage of people who actually open your emails. Higher the open rate higher would be the chances of your products being sold.
To have maximum number of people open your email your subject line should be eye catchy. Most of the people mention their product in the subject line itself & the receiver ignores the mail assuming it as just another marketing email.

You should use email subject lines such that would create curiosity in the minds of the receiver. This would force him/her to open the email & read through it.
You should avoid using words like Free report, offer etc. as most of the email servers consider these words as spam & may block your emails.

2) Be specific in writing your email:

The emails should be written in a very brief way & the flow of discussion should grab the attention of the receiver & should compel him/her to read through till the end of the email. The emails should be interesting & should not contain repetitive words. I would recommend that you should write very brief & interesting emails for maximum conversions.

3) Be Honest:

I have seen many internet marketers sending emails with unbelievable claims. For example "Earn $1,000,000 in 4 days" or "Reduce 15 lbs in 2 days" etc. As most of the buyers now a days are well informed they would harshly respond to such mails either by un subscribing or simply deleting all mails from you. Believe me, false claims would not earn you anything but loss of goodwill & loss of prospects.
You should not make false claim but instead be genuine in all your emails.

4) Be personal:

You should keep in mind the fact that you are sending mails which humans would read. Your email should be appealing to the minds of the readers. You may address them by their First name in the email. (Most of the email marketing programs provide personal tags in their software) This would create a personal touch in the communication. Your email should evidence that you are a real living human being. This would improve the conversion rate of your email marketing campaign.

5) Be Realistic:

You can discuss the problems which you have faced in the past, the efforts you put to overcome them & explain how the product you are promoting helped you to overcome the problems. This would make a feel in the minds of the readers that they are not alone who are facing the problems but there are other people who have faced the same problems. They would definitely buy your product in the hope of solving their problems. But be sure that you are not deceiving the people with false promises.

I have seen that many affiliate programs are providing ready made emails for promoting their products. Although most of them are OK to send directly to your email lists I would recommend that you should not simply copy paste those mails. You should first study the products you are promoting & should redraft the emails in such a way that they don't appear to be hype or over optimistic claims but they should appear as solutions to specific problems.

6) Send Emails at Reasonable Intervals:

The frequency at which you are sending the emails is also a very important factor for success of email marketing. No one can standardize the frequency or interval between two mailings applicable for all the niches. You should decide at what interval you want to mail to your lists. If you are mailing your lists once in a Quarter there are chances are that people may forget you. On the other hand if you are mailing on a daily basis people may get frustrated & may unsubscribe & opt out of your list. This entirely depends upon which niche markets you are targeting.

Suppose you are sending stock market tips, people might be interested in receiving the daily tips. Contrary to this, if you are promoting Electronics or other Consumer Goods it may be pertinent to send emails twice in a month. You have to decide at what interval you would be sending the mails. The decision is yours.

There is a popular misconception that you should send as many emails as possible. Believe me, this is completely wrong. You have to judge the situation in the light of above mentioned parameters & decide upon the frequency.

7) Do not Always Promote things:

Many people target their all energies in stuffing affiliate links in the emails hoping that they would crack a sale & nothing in wrong in that if done properly. Imagine that you are receiving mails from XYZ person who always send affiliate links in his mails which requires you to buy something. Would you buy from those affiliate sites. Definitely not! Because you know that this person always promotes affiliate programs to the extent possible.

Instead of always promoting affiliate links you can send something which really adds some value but the receiver does not need to buy anything. You can send informative articles, free reports, free e books, free coupon codes & so on. This would create a very different image about you in the minds of your subscribers & they would not consider you as a hyper marketer.

In summary we can say that email marketing if done properly could be a very useful tool which can bring wonders.

1.  Use of the best way for you to collect your list. One of the most important element of successful email marketing campaign begins with a squeeze page that is built well and the target of the search engine and be able to convert visitors into fans or subscribers.

2. You need to provide follow up email series that will determine what they will get an email after they registered as a subscriber. Every email sent to your list must be enclosed with the aim to raise awareness of your brand. This means you must be careful with the types of products you promote to them, as well as the quality of the product.

3. You can not send email to other people especially those who do not know you. In other words you cannot send email spam or you can not use 'spam software' to send email to other people. This is one of the tips in email marketing tips that you should never do.

4. It is important that you know your customers are ready to receive email from you and those who have agreed to be your newsletter subscribers.

5. Control the mailing list helping you manage the customer - You need a system to allow you to manage the data base of registered emails with you. Professional autoresponder provider is very important to allow you to manage your database.This system facilitates your email marketing work more systematic and structured.

6. Do not do promotions too often. This will make your customers feel that they are being targeted campaigns. Not only to promote your product but you must have a good relationship with your subscribers. When you close relationship with them, they will be more trust you.

Do not leave them without receiving emails for quite some time. For better management of email marketing, you should consider creating a delivery schedule and provide a clear picture of what they will gain from the emails you send. Disciplined in doing the things of email marketing tips will help your subscribers give more attention to your broadcast and the arrival of your emails that were hoped for by them.

Well-known email marketing due to the cost effectiveness and ability to promote a product or service to the world.